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Navigating through the work-life balance


Hi. I’m Alex Laskina and when my son, Akim was born I became a juggler. Like every mom, I juggle work, laundry, dinner, cleaning, sewing, nap time for my toddler (or me), potty training, playdates (for Akim), playdates (with my husband!), and bedtime stories - it’s exhausting! Anyone can easily fall into autopilot, but my husband and I made a conscious decision to be present for Akim and it pushed us to be more intentional with our choices.

Growing as an intentional parent


When I became a mom, a good friend of mine gifted me a baby blanket, and it moved me. I thought it was a wonderful gift, but it didn’t soothe Akim. I also didn’t want a blanket that would just keep him warm, I wanted a blanket that would help in his growth, both physically and mentally. I couldn’t find a blanket that fit the description, so I was inspired to make my own.

I started with all types of fabrics: Polyester/cotton blends, Wool, and Cotton mix. I loved how pure organic cotton was gentle enough for Akim’s baby skin but strong enough to protect him from the elements that cling to newborns. We took it a step further - We involved a child physician for advice and she recommended adding colorful ribbons. The ribbons are supposed to stimulate a child’s mind, which helps with brain development and encourages motor skills.

After months of research, adjusting, and sewing, we let Akim use it. Aside from looking cute, we were so happy to learn that the blanket provided many solutions.


The perfect baby blanket



The blanket swaddled Akim so tightly, he started sleeping longer. Win! I used the extra time to shower, cook a hot meal, and catch up on some TV!



The colorful ribbon attachment sparked his curiosity. Instead of waking up fussy, he would play with the ribbons for a good 30 minutes. Another win for us!


Pure organic

100% organic cotton that's made to last for years and hypo-allergenic. We started bringing it with us wherever we went - flights, car rides, and the beach, and it remained in good condition


Experiencing Laska

I started making more baby blankets to give to my friends, and they felt the same way (or at least that’s what they tell me.)

The blankets gave us back a luxury we all started to lose when we become parents - time and peace of mind! This blanket was doing everyone a favor.

So My husband and I thought it would be fitting to name it Laska, which means “kindness” in Russian because as parents, all we want is to surround our kids with it at all times.

This is what kindness feels like

Deciding what's best for your child can be overwhelming sometimes, so let us help you make the right choice. If you want the best quality blanket, we invite you to experience what kindness FEELS like. You won’t regret it.


The Future of Laska

We’ve been experimenting with bamboo fabric for a few upcoming products. Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular choice for baby clothes because its thermal-regulating, it will adjust with your baby's body temperature and is great for layering. It has a host of other fantastic selling points including being hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial; right along with 100% cotton


Growing with Laska

As our family grows, so does our love for community and connection. We want to build a village with you.

Tell us how your life changed when your children came into the picture. What are some life lessons you’d like to share? Tell us about the unique way you announced the new arrival in your family.

Share your creative family photo. Let’s keep in touch =)

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